About International Recommendation Commission

Name: International Recommendation Commission


Founded: September 21, 2011


Articles of Association: 201702 Articles of Association 201702 Articles of Association 201509 Articles of Association 201505 Articles of Association 201412 Articles of Association 201401 Articles of Association 201309 Articles of Association 20120930 Articles of Association 20120722 Articles of Association 20120513 Articles of Association 20120512 Articles of Association 20120422 Articles of Association 20111229 Articles of Association 20111019 Articles of Association 20110921 Articles of Association *Non Publication a part


Purpose: The purpose of the Commission is to be useful to people in countries throughout the world.


Projects: In order to achieve its purpose, the Commission, primarily through use of its website, shall implement the following projects.

1. Projects to introduce recommendations of countries in the world.
2. Projects to research the root causes of earthquakes, power plant accidents, and climate change, and to recommend counter measures.
3. Other projects.


2021 Project Report 2020 Project Report 2019 Project Report 2018 Project Report 2017 Project Report 2016 Project Report 2015 Project Report 2014 Project Report 2013 Project Report  2012 Project Report  2011 Project Report


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Minutes of General Conference: 

?th General Conference ?th General Conference ?th General Conference ?th Dollar Dollar Doll


36th General Conference

35th General Conference


34th General Conference

33rd Amendment of Amendment

32nd New Rest Conference


30th Spring Conference

29th Afternoon Tea Conference

28th Rest Conference

27th Amendment

26th Amendment relating to Members and Officials

25th Spring Conference

24th Rest Conference

23rd Apple Pie Conference

22nd Amendment relating to Amendment

21st Tea Ceremony Conference

20th Rest Conference

19th Storytime  Beyond the Space  Store on Cloud  Cold Fight

18th Spring Conference

17th General Assembly

16th Amendment of Voting Rights in relation to Universal Suffrage

15th Tower Tower Tower

14th General Assembly

13th Rest Conference

12th Fine Day Conference

11th Spring Conference

10th Moving Conference

9th The congress dances, and do progress

8th General Assembly
7th 7-eleven front Conference
6th Library Conference
5th Conference of Liberty Enlightening the World
4th Hamburger Conference

3rd Gyudon Conference
2nd Members General Conference 
1st Members General Conference



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